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Best Crowd Control Gate

29th May 2013

Shenzhen, PRC - Hongmen Crowd Control barriers are customisable, lightweight, portable barriers and retractable gates for crowd control requirements in all types of location. They are a very unique and attractive yet affordable solution to security control issues for both foot and street traffic. There's no other temporary barrier solution like Hongmen Crowd Control in the marketplace.

Portable & Permanent Quick Deployment
One person can move and deploy the expanding gate or multiple expanding gates to easily define the barricade area. Hongmen Crowd Control work equally well as indoor barriers or outdoor barriers.

Solar Illumination Night Lighting
Solar panels with lithium cells power LED lights for additional security and visibility

Custom Lettering, Logo & Reflective Stickers Personalised
Hongmen Crowd Control custom barriers come with custom lettering and choice of reflective tape colours

Interlocking Connections Smart System
Lock into place at desired locations, connect multiple sections, and also lock open or closed with universal key

18 Months Guarantee Local Support
All moving parts are guaranteed for life and we deliver worldwide after receiving your logo and product description

Affordable Enhance your options
For the best crowd control options in the world, call us to find out about pricing

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