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1. Q: Why chose us?
  A: We are a leading manufacturer/provider of temporary barriers, retractable barrier gates, crowd control barriers, and other types of barrier gates across worldwide.
2. Q: Ours Vs. Theirs?
  A: The most important different are as follow:
  We use industrial grade aluminium alloy 6063-T5 which avoiding all the rusting and corrosion issues that you are facing with other suppliers.
  We use high quality powder coating (Interpon). It¡¯s environmentally friendly which makes every colours are GREEN.
3. Q: Can we standardize the length of the gate?
  A: Yes, all gate can be standardize base on 2m length, this will ensure that the crowd control gates are light, portable and good for storage.
4. Q: How to extend the length of the crowd control gate?
  A: All crowd control gate comes with inter-connectors and users are able to extend the length base on the application.
5. Q: How to avoid unauthorized personnel from moving the crowd control barrier?
  A: All crowd control barrier comes with a set of ¡°Alligator Clamp¡± which able to lock up the frames from moving.
6. Q: How to ensure that the wheels are not moving or sliding around?
  A: We will install a pair of ¡°Locking Mechanism¡± on both ends of the wheels to ensure that the wheels are not moving once it¡¯s locked.
7. Q: How do you ship it out to worldwide customers?
  A: We take all necessary precaution before its dispatch from the factory. The most inner layer is wrapping up with a thin layer of shrink wrap, then follow by a customized EPE form to firmly secure its position within the carton box.
8. Q: Do you take any additional precaution if we only purchase a few sets whereby we going to ship it via LCL?
  A: Yes, we will place 4 sets of the well-packed crowd control barriers on upright position and sitting firmly on top of a plywood pallet.
9. Q: Do you go through the fumigation process before exporting the goods?
  A: Due to the facts that all packaging are non-timber material, and same goes to the pallet is made of plywood which we don¡¯t have to worry about fumigation certifications.
10. Q: Do you have any export experience?
  A: Yes, our company have more than 16 years of experience of exporting such innovative and unique products to all over the world.
11. Q: Where can we use the Crowd Control Barrier or Crowd Control Gate?
  A: There are a lot of application which we can use this products, such as exhibition, convention centre, road shows, stadiums, convocations, arena, theme parks, parades, police road blocks, and a lot more. For further information, please kindly refer to our project references page.
12. Q: Do you have any social pages that we can follow and get updated for the latest news?
  A: We are updating our social pages in regular basis, please kindly get connected to us via:
LinkedIn :
Google+ :
BlogSpot :
Youtube :

13. Q: Any notable projects which we can refer to?
  A: Yes, such as:
London Underground @ London, UK
Convocation for USC @ CA, USA
Military camp @ Saudi Arabia
Genting Thempark & Casino @ KL, Malaysia
Marina Bay Sands @ Singapore
National Museum @ Beijing, PRC
Much more to come ¡­


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