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Where To Use HongMen Crowd Control Gate


HongMen Crowd Control Gate provide the ideal vehicle/operator separation system. Blocking off a road or access point can be done in seconds and with the higher height units it is very difficult to pass through or over the barrier system. Linked together they can provide a removable or folding barrier at a length to suit your site.


Fencing off a work area in this environment can be a challenge but with the highly manoverable gate system secure work areas can be deployed and removed in minutes. HongMen Crowd Control Gate are used by a number of railway contractors in the UK.

Undergrounds and Metros

Ideal for this environment our gates are used on a daily basis.


When tape barriers are not up to the job HongMen Crowd Control Gate provide a mobile and secure barrier system.


Prevent staff and members of the public coming to harm from dangerous areas of your warehouse. Quickly and easily close off an aisle to allow forklift trucks or other machinery to operate without worry of falling items.

Typically your aisles might be closed using plastic tape or temporary signage which isn¡¯t much of an access deterrent - especially to children. With a HongMen Crowd Control Gate retractable temporary safety barrier your warehouse and customers can be kept safe and secure.


Easily close off large public spaces when you¡¯re carrying out renovation or setting up for events. HongMen Crowd Control Gate temporary indoor barriers collapse down for easy storage, set up in seconds to restrict access to certain areas. Not only looking more attractive than a sign or rope, they also act as a strong visual deterrent to access.


With hundreds of members of the public through doors each day it¡¯s vitally important to keep them all safe. HongMen Crowd Control Gate supermarket barriers work just as well as indoor barriers meaning you can screen off building, electrical or cleaning works as well as new shop fit outs quickly and easily. This way in your supermarket there¡¯s no risk to the public or their children while staff and contractors are able to gain easy access.

Shopping Centres - Shopping Centre Barrier

When working in or managing Shopping Centres, looking after the needs of shop managers as well as your collective customers is key. HongMen Crowd Control Gate Shopping Centre Barriers are flexible portable solutions for cordoning off areas for re-fit, cleaning, maintenance or building works. Easily stored and wheeled to position by any member of staff, HongMen Crowd Control Gate Shopping Centre Barriers will stop unauthorised access while allowing you to maintain your corporate branding with customisable colours and logo panels.

A HongMen Crowd Control Gate shopping centre barrier is an extremely useful and valuable asset to your business which can be utilised within any area of your mall.

Events and Conferences

Keep large crowds under control easily when using HongMen Crowd Control Gate as pedestrian barriers. When expanded their large size will stop people crossing while allowing staff easy access when required. Link barriers together to section off even the largest areas or create temporary walkways where customers will be able to stay in safety. HongMen Crowd Control Gate barriers help your event area or arena remain safe, no matter how many customers you attract through your doors.

Lift Repair

HongMen Crowd Control Gate make great temporary lift barriers. Easily deployed during maintenance they act as a visual and physical deterrent to stop use and access to the lift shaft, while allowing easy access for engineers.

Once in your building HongMen Crowd Control Gate Lift Barriers have a multitude of uses, so when they're not being used to keep customers and staff safe during lift repair you can deploy them easily to close off other areas of your premises for maintenance, repair or cleaning.

Traffic Control Barriers

Closing off sections of road has never been easier - HongMen Crowd Control Gate outdoor barriers retract for easy storage and transportation. When you want to deploy the traffic control barrier it simply pushes out. Much better than tape and cones which take longer to deploy and don¡¯t offer the same safety or security as HongMen Crowd Control Gate vehicle barriers.

Museums and Galleries

HongMen Crowd Control Gate are the easiest to use indoor barrier gates you can get. If you¡¯re fitting out a new exhibit simply use expandable HongMen Crowd Control Gate at the entrance to restrict access to your customers while allowing work to continue behind the scenes unhindered.

Swimming Pools & Leisure Centres

Controlling customers around a pool can be a very difficult task, not only are there the dangers of deep water and slippery surfaces, but communal areas can be incredibly busy and noisy meaning customers can be distracted. HongMen Crowd Control Gate swimming pool barriers and Leisure Centre Barriers allow you to visually and physically restrict access to dangerous areas, or certain areas of your building. A swimming pool barrier is the perfect temporary solution to closing off sections of your facility should there be events, private hire or competitions taking place.



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